Location:  Admiral Park, Guernsey

Brief: As current clients through the Fat Rascal premises, the task of creating a fixed space for a working team of barista’s and servers in a brand new concept restaurant was presented.

Bean 14 provided support and expertise which would lead to an installation including 2 La Spaziale S40 Machines along with 2 PUQ Press Grinders to add to the functionality of the set-up.

Good Rebel owner Steve Hopkins noted that he “… really enjoyed working with Bean 14 on our new exciting new project at Good Rebel. Kris has always looked after us well at Fat Rascal and we knew that opening our second restaurant we were looking for

He added that his primary focus was “Delicious coffee, great beans as we were looking for to ensure we are serving the highest quality to our customers …”

On working with Bean 14 his goes on to mention that “… the guarantee of the quality machines and equipment. The support,  and ongoing maintenance as and when things come up. Kris and Bean 14, have most certainly delivered on all of the above and we are very pleased! As are our customers!