Case Study: Beau Sejour Leisure Centre Café

Client – Beau Sejour Leisure Centre

Location – Amherst

Brief – To provide effective focused service to a busy leisure centre environment & ensure visitors of the Beau Sejour receive the right service based on their varied needs.

The Beau Sejour Leisure Centre food and drink offering has been thoroughly considering by Nathan Dicker with his prime focus being to ensure that service received would be swift and efficient.

A flow system was created which generates the right custom at the right times with minimal intervention of service staff unless requested or required. Supported by Bean 14, the necessary equipment and installations were provided to ensure that the customers would receive just that. There would include a series of coffee and vending machine installations in the café, outside the café and surrounding areas, which would host a variety of options likely consumed by those in specific areas (bottles of drinks outside gym areas and less health focus items outside the café along with coffee machines). The Café itself is well stocked in both stock items and machinery hosting two large WMF Espresso Machines, ideal for a busy environment.

There is great consideration for dietary requirements with the coffee machines holding the largest refrigeration containers for both milk and alternative milk product and a vending machine holding ‘free from’ products. The café itself also promotes the same message of inclusivity and there is truly many options to choose from. The service also provided by Kris.

Nathan tells ‘ … Kris is well versed in what is required in the Café and what will be well received. If there is new products on Epicurium, he is very proactive in reaching out to ensure that we have the exact stock items we need’