With appropriate cleaning agents resp. disinfectants* we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Use a clean, dry cloth and spray it with the agent.
  2. Touch the “Menu” button in the ready-to-operate display of the coffee machine
  3. Then touch the button “Care”
  4. You will get the following overview, please select “CleanLock”.
  5. Now a 15-second countdown starts. Use the cloth to carefully clean the touch display and the operating elements. 15 seconds after the last touch, the touch display is activated again.
  6. Wait until the agent evaporates and the touch display is dry before next dispensing.

Please note – important! Do not spray the cleaning agent or disinfectant directly onto the operating panel (touch display and frame) in order to avoid damage.

* Due to legal reasons, WMF is currently unable to give any recommendation as to which disinfectant for coffee machines is suitable against the corona virus. This applies in particular to the cleaning of the touch display.

Please observe the specifications of the respective responsible authorities.

Our front panels are made of glass and have a polycarbonate plastic frame. Please ask your cleaning agent manufacturer directly for the effectiveness and compatibility of the cleaning agent or disinfectant.

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Recommendation for cleaning / disinfecting the touch display (PDF 260KB)