WMF Coffee Connect Portal

What is Coffee Connect?

The WMF Coffee Connect Portal allows you to view your WMF machine stats / 30 day averages and events online.
You will need to create or log in to an existing account to view this.

In the email sent by Coffee Connect you will need to do two steps, register your account and then click accept invitation button.

  • Please ensure that you use your email address that the invite was sent to when creating your account.
  • Your business partner will be ‘WMF GmbH International’

This service is still in the early days but will allow you greater visibility of your WMF coffee connect compatible machine(s) and allow Bean 14 oversight of the unit(s) remotely including any servicing events*.


This service is provided by WMF and we have no control of its availability in the future

If you need any help logging in please contact us and we will help.

Compatible with multiple machines across several locations

Check and manage your machine remotely

Keep track of performance and consumption

Customised dashboard unique to your business