Liberation Blend

Body: Medium Heavy | Roast: Medium
With Colombia as a base, it was blended with characters of Brown Sugar, Brown Spice with a Chocolate finish.

Espresso No.1

Body: Medium/Heavy | Roast: Medium

With a Colombian base, expect Tangerine, Caramel, Cane sugar, and a hint of Maple syrup.


Body: Medium | Roast: Medium Dark

Roasted with notes of Cherry, Plum, White grape, with a Medium Body.


Body: Heavy | Roast: Dark

A full mouthfeel blend, with flavour notes ranging between Brown sugar, Caramel and Brown spice aromatics with a Dark chocolate finish.

La Coupaie

Body: Medium | Roast: Medium

Blended with Mild chocolate, Mellow acidity, Fruity notes like Blueberry with a smooth sweet finish.

Joyful Cliff Path

Body: Medium | Roast: Medium

A South American base blend whose components compose notes of Grapefruit, berries with a sweet chocolate finish.

Gourmet Filter

Body: Medium | Roast: Medium

Blended to achieve a balanced cup with medium sweetness, milk chocolate and
caramel notes with a smooth aftertaste and a low to medium acidity.

Island Star

Body: Heavy| Roast: Medium-Dark

Chocolatey, sweet nuts, creamy mouthfeel, with a smooth nutty finish and balanced acidity.

St Peter Port

Body: Heavy| Roast: Medium-Dark

Blended with components that give it characteristics of a round mouthfeel, dark chocolate and caramel notes with hints of roasted nuts.

Stella D’Italia

Body: Heavy | Roast: Dark

A Full City roast with notes of dark chocolate, mild caramel and roasted nuts. Designed as a creamy espresso to complement milk based drinks.

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