Have a Merry Berry Christmas

T’is the season for a warming luxurious hot chocolate … but why stop at classic flavours when you can zest up the season with our decadent ‘Very Berry Hot Chocolate’ recipe.

1 scoop of Chocolate Abyss
40ml of DaVinci Summer Fruit smoothie
Flat milk
Chocolate blossoms

METHOD (12oz):
1️⃣ Add chocolate powder and dash of hot water, mix into smooth paste
2️⃣ Add summer fruits smoothie
3️⃣ Top with flat milk
4️⃣ Garnish with cream, chocolate blossoms and smoothie

With our range of DaVinci Smoothie Mix products you’ll be able to create vibrant and flavourful drinks to spark your seasonal senses!

Try blending with ice and adding a little something extra … it is the holidays after all … 🍹
Didn’t know you could use the DaVinci smoothie mix range for more than just blended smoothies or cocktails? For more inspiration, check out our Stir it up – Winter Edition magazine.

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